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Donor Catalog

Because choosing the right donor for your baby is so crucial, we work diligently to maintain one of the largest and most diverse donor catalogs in North America. Through rigorous donor screening, we are able to provide donors who are not only in outstanding physical health, but who possess keen intellects as well.

"New England Cryogenic Center offered us a large number of highly educated, open donors which was particularly important to us."

For each donor in our catalog, you can view a free, Short Donor Profile or download a Long Donor Profile for a minimal fee. Click on an individual donor to view a PDF version of the Short Donor Profile. To purchase a Long Donor Profile, simply check the box marked “Buy” next to each desired donor. Once you have selected all your donors, click on the Checkout icon at the top of the page, and you’ll be directed to our secure payment screen. Once payment is complete you’ll receive instructions about how to access your Long Donor Profile.

Specimen Types:

You should discuss the choice of specimen type (ICI, IUI or ART) with your physician or health care professional prior to placing an order. We recommend having several donors selected (at least three) in case your preferred donor or specimen type is unavailable. Please contact us for specimen availability.

Note: New England Cryogenic Center cannot guarantee the quality of a specimen if it is washed by another lab after thaw.

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