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How to Order

When you’re ready to order, simply call our toll free number 800-991-4999 (or 774-843-2936 outside the U.S.) to speak with our client service specialists. We’ll be happy to assist and answer any questions.

Please set up an account before placing an order. to set up an account complete all forms in the Form Center and return them to New England Cryogenic Center.

Here’s a helpful checklist of information you should have before you call:

  • Your name, address, and telephone number
  • Shipping address
  • Preferred shipping method
  • Donor number(s) in order of preference
  • Number of vials and preparation type (ICI, IUI, ART)
  • Date the vials need to arrive at your provider’s office or your home*
  • *Note: Physician approval is required for home delivery.
  • Payment information – New England Cryogenic Center accepts most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may also arrange to pay by check, money order, cash.
  • If you are planning to store sperm with New England Cryogenic Center for use at a later date, you will need to submit a signed banking agreement in addition to setting up an account.
  • See our Form Center for downloadable copies.

"Thank you for your personal touch. I will certainly send photo’s of the baby in the spring."

Request a Brochure

Fill out the form below and we'll mail you a brochure.

Under "Brochure Type" please choose "Donor Catalog Brochure" if you would like to purchase Donor Specimens. Please choose "Sperm Banking Brochure" if you are interested in banking your own specimens.