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Donor Selection Services

Services Price
Donor Specimen ICI/ID Option Donor Specimen ICI $600/$700 
Donor Specimen IUI/ID Option Donor Specimen IUI $655/$755 
A.R.T. Vials/ ID Option A.R.T. Vials $390/$490 
Donor Selection Consultation (1 hour) $200
Donor Profile – Short FREE
Donor Profile – Long (10-17 pages) Online Purchase
-       By First Class Mail $20
-       By Priority Mail $25
-       By Fax (per page) $2
Donor Baby Photos Order by Telephone $25

Shipping & Administrative Fees

Services Price
Administrative Fees
-       Specimen Order & Ship Same Day (priority service) $100
-       Cancellation Fee (Day of Shipping) $125
-       Withdrawal Fee of Specimen (pre-purchased) $75
-       Re-deposit Fee (specimen not used) $75
-       Sterile Insemination Pipettes $20
Local Delivery by Courier 
-       Courier Local Facility $160
-       Courier Waiting Fee (per 12 hour after 1st 15 minutes) $25
Delivery by Carrier
-       2-Day Shipping, includes tank rental for 7 days $200
-       Priority Overnight, includes tank rental for 7 days $235
-       Saturday Delivery Additional  $60
-       International Shipping QUOTED
-       Tank Deposit on All International Orders $1,000
Client Pick-up
-       Tank Preparation Fee, includes tank rental for 5 days $100
-       Return shipping label $80
Storage Fees (Up to 36 vials*)
-       Annual Storage Fee (first 3 months free)  $475
-       Annual Storage Fee Quarantine $675
-       Long-term storage 2 years $850
-       Long-term storage 3 years $1,130
-       Long-term storage 5 years $1,650
Other Fees
-       Discard fee $75
-       Additional Tank Rental (per day) $35
-       Lost or Damaged Tank $1,000



All specimens are shipped in portable liquid nitrogen vapor tanks. These cryopreservation tanks, according to the manufacturer, will hold specimens for at least 7 days.

Tanks should not be opened until it is time for specimen removal.

Notice: Once a specimen is withdrawn from New England Cryogenic Center, we are no longer responsible for its quality or substance, except where warranted.

* 37 Vials and over in storage – Quoted

Returning Unused Specimens:
As part of our careful quality control program, we will not accept for return any specimen that has left our facility. We can store the specimens here as your personal inventory. Please note that specimen storage, withdrawal, and re-deposit fees will apply.

Refund Policy:

For vials currently listed as available in our catalog, New England Cryogenic Center will buy back donor vials at 50% of the original purchase price, provided the vials have not yet left our facility. Please call regarding our “Specimen Buyback” policy for specimens which are no longer listed. A $60.00 administration fee will apply.

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