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Release of Identity Donor Program | New England Cryogenic Center, Inc.

ID Option Donor Program

New England Cryogenic Center's ID Option Donor Program offers a way for children born from donated sperm to potentially have contact with their sperm donor once they turn 18. This program is attractive to some parents who wish to provide a means for their children conceived through artificial insemination to learn more about their sperm donor, should they wish to at some point in the future.

How it Works

When a donor enrolls with New England Cryogenic Center, he may choose to be an anonymous donor or agree to participate in the ID Option Program.

ID Option donors agree to keep New England Cryogenic Center updated with their contact information in order to facilitate communication with offspring once they turn 18. When children born from the sperm of ID Option donors turn 18, they may apply in writing to New England Cryogenic Center to start the contact process. The contact process must be initiated by the child only and never before the child reaches age 18.

Once the identity of the offspring initiating contact is verified, New England Cryogenic Center will contact the donor informing him of the written request.

New England Cryogenic Center will make arrangements for the initial contact between the donor and the child. After this initial contact, the type and extent of further communication, if any, must be agreed upon by both parties. New England Cryogenic Center will not arrange for any other communications between the Donor and the offspring after this initial call.

It is important to note that ID Option Donors, like Anonymous donors, are legally absolved of all legal responsibility for children born from their sperm.

While New England Cryogenic Center will do everything possible to maintain contact with ID Option Donors, we cannot guarantee that contact will always be possible.

Finally, it is important to remind parents that this program will only work with proper pregnancy and birth reporting. If we have not received the appropriate reports of a birth, we have no way to verify the identity of the child as offspring from the donor and therefore will not be able to assist in that initial contact with the donor.

"Our experience with New England Cryogenic Center was extremely positive and effortless, thanks to the friendly and genuinely caring staff."

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