The following articles provide timely and valuable information about a variety of fertility and parenting topics.

July 31, 2012,,
For Soldiers, Sperm Banking Could Be the New Flack Jacket

Winter 2012, Resolve, Article by Dr. Grace Centola
Clinical and Laboratory Aspects of Sperm Banking

February 13, 2006, US News
Who's Your Daddy?

February 8th, 2006, Science Daily
Scientists study how sperm get into an egg

February 6, 2006, Newsday
Growing number conceive using sperm donors

October 19, 2005, American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Sperm Impacts: Environmental Factors, Lifestyle, and Medications Affect Male Fertility

May 12, 2004, Mayo Clinic
Frozen, Fresh Sperm Both Effective for In Vitro Fertilization

Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Assisted Reproductive Technology

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