Quarantine Semen Storage and Transportation Services

Type of Storage

New England Cryogenic Center, Inc. is one of a few cryobanks in the world with the ability to safely store infectious tissue. Samples collected from individuals who are known positive for infectious diseases are stored in a state-of-the-art quarantine tank. Liquid nitrogen circulates through the walls of the quarantine tank creating a completely dry storage environment.

Services Price
Quarantine Semen Storage (per year)
*Storage of up to 36 vials. Additional charges apply for storage of more than 36 vials. Please call for pricing.
Semen Withdrawal Fee
Semen Redeposit Fee $75
Semen Discard Fee $75
Administration Fee $150
Transport Media $75
Transport Media Kit Priority Overnight Shipping Fee $125
Quarantine Semen Shipping Services
Order & Ship Same Day $100
Priority Overnight Shipping $235
Saturday Delivery Additional $60
Local Delivery by Courier
Greater Boston area $140
Outside Route 128/I-95 $160
Courier waiting fee
(per 1⁄2 hour after 1st 15 minutes)
International Shipping QUOTED
Tank deposit on all Int'l orders $1000
Flat Rate Tank Rental $135
Additional Rental (per day) $35
Tank Preparation Fee $50
Lost or Damaged Tank $1000

All specimens are shipped in portable liquid nitrogen vapor tanks. These cryopreservation tanks are guaranteed by the manufacturer to maintain proper temperature for 7 days from the date of shipping. Tanks should not be opened until it is time for specimen removal.

Notice: Once a specimen is withdrawn from the cryobank, we are no longer responsible for its quality, except where warranted.

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