Cryogenic Shipping and Storage

At New England Cryogenic Center, we understand the priceless quality of the materials we store and ship. From sperm to embryos, and from stem cells to bone marrow, the materials entrusted to us are invaluable. Consequently, we perform our jobs with incredible care. We have enormous pride in our role in helping people achieve their dreams of parenthood.

We have invested heavily in our state-of-the-art storage facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts and in our cryogenic shipping technology. We are pleased to offer you the highest quality services in both cryogenic shipping and storage.

"New England Cryogenic Center's commitment to quality has earned them a reputation for being one of the finest cryogenic centers in the United States today."

Cryogenic Shipping

New England Cryogenic Center is one of the world’s leading cryogenic shipping specialists. Each year, thousands of clients and medical professionals turn to New England Cryogenic Center to transfer cryogenically preserved material such as embryos, banked sperm, stem cells or other tissue from one location to another. Whether shipping across town or around the world, you can rely on New England Cryogenic Center's experience and our well-earned reputation for security, reliability and success.

Cryogenic shipping is quite safe and secure. We ship all cryogenically preserved tissue in liquid nitrogen portable vapor shippers, guaranteed by the manufacturer to protect the specimens for 7 days from the date of shipping.

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Cryogenic Storage

With more than 385,000 samples stored in our facility, New England Cryogenic Center is a world leader in the cryogenic storage of human cells and tissue.

Specimens are held at our storage facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Our state-of-the-art laboratory boasts backup generators, computer monitoring systems, and audio/video monitoring that ensures constant contact with our cryogenic technicians. The facility is under twenty-four-hour security and surveillance (alarmed with motion detectors) and is protected from power failures by our 9,000 gallon gravity fed liquid nitrogen tank and backup generators.

In addition to sperm, we can store embryos, oocytes, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue, stem cells, cord blood stem cells, dental pulp stem cells, and other cells and tissues. Please contact us for a complete list of services.

Quarantined Samples

For samples that are contaminated by infectious diseases, we provide a “jacketed” specimen quarantine tank. In this state-of-the-art tank, liquid nitrogen circulates through the walls creating a completely dry storage environment and preventing possible cross-contamination.

For more information about our cryogenic shipping and storage services, please contact us at 800-991-4999.

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