Sperm Banking FAQs

Why should I bank my sperm?

You should consider sperm banking if you want to have children in the future and you are:

  • at risk for sterility through surgery or medical treatments like chemotherapy / radiation therapy.
  • in an occupation that exposes you to dangerous chemicals, radiation or physical activity which may decrease fertility, including athletes, police, fire fighters, and military personnel
  • attempting assisted reproductive procedures such as in vitro fertilization
  • frequently separated from your partner during ovulation

How long can cryopreserved sperm survive?

Pregnancy has been achieved with sperm that has been cryopreserved for 28 years. While there are no published attempts to use sperm that has been cryopreserved for more than 28 years, it is believed that sperm may be stored indefinitely without reducing the chance of pregnancy.

Does cryopreserving sperm reduce the possibility for achieving pregnancy?

Cryopreserving sperm typically results in some loss of fertilizing capacity. However, this may be compensated for by increasing the number of sperm used during insemination.

Does cryopreserved sperm increase the chance of birth defects?

No. Studies over the last 40 years show no difference in the rate of birth defects in pregnancies achieved following artificial insemination.

How is sperm banked?

After sperm is collected, it is cryopreserved in a liquid nitrogen tank at -196 degrees Celsius (-321° F), a temperature at which all metabolic processes are suspended. The specimens are stored in our state-of-the-art laboratory, which is under constant surveillance. Storage is supervised by a staff of highly trained cryogenic and laboratory professionals.

How can I be assured the specimens I withdraw are mine?

Accurate identification of a specimen is one of New England Cryogenic Center's prime concerns. Our quality control systems ensure that each specimen is properly labeled with the unique identifier on the storage container, and in all inventory documents. After a specimen is produced, it remains under the responsibility of one of our highly trained technicians. New England Cryogenic Center maintains strict policies to ensure that each client’s identity is tracked throughout the entire banking and storage process.

Do I have to visit your lab to bank my sperm?

We encourage our clients to schedule an appointment at our facility, where we have comfortable and private rooms available for specimen collection. If you are uncomfortable or unable to visit our laboratory we can provide you with a Transport Media Kit so that you may collect a sperm specimen in the privacy of your home. Some restrictions may apply, contact New England Cryogenic Center for more details.

What happens after you receive my specimen?

Once New England Cryogenic Center obtains your specimen it is processed by one of our highly trained laboratory technicians. Both a Pre and Post Thaw analysis is performed on your specimen and a report is provided to your referring physician. You may contact New England Cryogenic Center at any time regarding the status of your specimen.

How do you ship my specimens?

All specimens are shipped in portable liquid nitrogen vapor tanks. These cryopreservation tanks are guaranteed by the manufacturer to maintain proper temperature for 7 days from the date of shipping. Shipments in the greater Boston area are delivered by our in-house courier. Shipments elsewhere are delivered via a priority delivery service.

Will my insurance cover this?

Perhaps – coverage for fertility issues varies among insurance providers. Please check with your insurance company to determine coverage. Please note that New England Cryogenic Center does not accept payment directly from insurance companies for any services provided – you will need to arrange for payment and seek separate reimbursement from your insurance company. We can provide you with the records and invoices you may need for filing a claim.

What are your credentials?

Our laboratory and scientific protocol are certified, licensed and/or governed by the following organizations: Registrations - New England Cryogenic Center is registered and governed by:
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Registration #3002733251 and #3005374514
Memberships- New England Cryogenic Center subscribes to the standards and practices of:
American Association of Bioanalysts
American Society of Reproductive Medicine
Society for Cryobiology
New England Cryogenic Center scientists are active members of:
New England Fertility Society
American Society of Andrology
Certifications - New England Cryogenic Center is certified and licensed with the following regulatory agencies:
Massachusetts Department of Health
Licensed/Inspected, License #2337
CLIA ‘88
Certification #22D0725005
New York State Department of Health
License #GA077 and # GA114
California Department of Health Services
License #CNC80400 and #80440

How do I get started?

Contact us at 800-991-4999 after consulting with your physician to determine whether sperm banking is a recommended part of your treatment plan.