Sperm Banking

New England Cryogenic Center serves as a resource for thousands of men who have chosen to cryogenically store their sperm for possible future insemination.

Their reasons for banking sperm vary. Some are facing sterility through medical treatment. Others are in occupations that are high-risk for infertility. What they share is a peace of mind in knowing that their sperm is safely stored with New England Cryogenic Center and will be available to them should they desire to conceive a child in the future.

While the decision to bank sperm can be an awkward one, our caring staff ensures a discreet and professional experience, and is available to answer questions at any time.

New England Cryogenic Center is proud to support U.S. troops with a 50 percent discount for all military personnel. Contact us for more information.

"I would recommend New England Cryogenic Center to anyone, having had such a positive experience there myself."

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