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Family Owned and Operated
Trusted Since 1971

NECC offers a full range of fertility
and cryopreservation services.

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New England Cryogenic Center
Cryogenic Transport
and Storage

Start your family with our family.
We provide safe transport and storage of reproductive specimens.

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Sperm Banking

A quiet moment that speaks volumes.
Find out the reasons men bank sperm.

Ask about our At Home Banker Kit
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New England Cryogenic Center

Helpful Advice, Caring Specialists, Advanced Technology

New England Cryogenic Center is family owned and one of the largest full-service cryogenics labs in the world. We offer personal attention and support one might expect from a much smaller company. Our clients come to us in search of one of the most important things in life – family.


Personal Transport & Storage

Storage & Transport for Individuals

We understand the importance of the materials we store and ship. We have invested heavily in our state-of-the-art storage facility and in our cryogenic shipping technology. We offer you the highest quality services in both cryogenic shipping and storage for sperm, eggs, and embryos.

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Medical/Lab Transport & Storage

Medical/Lab Transport & Storage

NECC serves as a valuable resource, allowing medical and research facilities to outsource storage of sperm, embryos, stem cells, bone marrow and other cells and tissue. Our success in processing and transporting cryopreserved specimens has led to services dedicated to long-term storage.

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NECC Since 1971

New England Cryogenic Center has served as a knowledgeable resource and trusted partner to the medical community and thousands of people on their fertility journeys.


Passionate about science. Devoted to service.

Medical Facilities

Our dedication to client service and our commitment to excellence have resulted in numerous long-term relationships around the globe.
Extend Fertility offers premier egg freezing services. They are the first service in the country to focus exclusively on women who want to proactively preserve their fertility options.
Fenway Health has been working to make life healthier for the LGBT community. Fenway was one of the first in the nation to offer alternative insemination services to lesbians.
The Urologists at MetroWest Urology are board-certified with advanced specialty training, including male reproductive medicine.

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Featured Resources

We’ve assembled links and contact information for a variety of organizations that may be helpful to you in researching and exploring the varied paths to parenthood.

Other Services

New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., NECC, takes multi-tasking to the next level. NECC is the parent company of NECBB, NDPL, and CDEB. NECC is one of the pioneers in processing and cryopreservation of human cells and tissue. It is for this reason we have expanded our reach into other areas cryogenic storage.
New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc., NECBB, provides quality cord blood stem cell banking services. In addition, NECBB aims to educate the public and medical communities on the availability of storage of cells and tissue, along with their current and potential benefits for future use in treating disease and injury.
National Dental Pulp Laboratory, Inc., NDPL, is dedicated to providing an excellent, trouble free opportunity for consumers to save a unique and valuable stem cell found in their teeth.

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