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The greatest joy in our work is found in our relationships with our clients and in the families we have helped create. It’s clear to us from client feedback, that what truly sets us apart is the personal connection we establish with each client. We are pleased to share with you a few excerpts from the many letters of thanks we have received:

— Derek

My wife and I spent hours searching the internet and New England Cryogenic Center stood out high above the rest. The quality and selection of the donors far exceeded all the other banks. Our experience with New England Cryogenic Center was extremely positive and effortless, thanks to the friendly and genuinely caring staff. The need to use donor sperm can be awkward and embarrassing, but Maureen was so kind and helpful that we were comfortable from the onset. My wife conceived on the 2nd try and we are expecting our little girl in a few months. We will definitely be using New England Cryogenic Center again for our second baby!

— L.M.

New York, NY
I chose New England Cryogenic Center because, after researching online for several weeks, I found that they were the only lab that had the specific donor I was looking for. I found everyone I dealt with to be friendly, courteous and very available; and my contact, Maureen, was especially helpful. She really took the time to answer any and all questions I had and make sure I was satisfied with all my choices. It felt really comfortable and homey dealing with them. They shipped the samples when they said they were going to and when I did my IUI, the tech who thawed the samples said they were excellent, both in terms of motility and sperm count. I would recommend New England Cryogenic Center to anyone, having had such a positive experience there myself.

— M & R

"I would most definitely recommend family and friends to New England Cryogenic Center! Our experience of New England Cryogenic Center has been totally positive and every interaction has been highly professional and accurate. But more importantly, our experience of New England Cryogenic Center has been full of the most important element: the human touch. Every time we’ve worked with you we have experienced compassion, caring, support and hope. As a couple making such a personal decision as choosing a donor for our child, we were concerned that working with a sperm bank and finding the perfect donor might be a daunting task. But our rapport with you felt human and genuine, right from the beginning. The personal touch and emotional connection was the most important factor for us and we found such depth working with you. THANK YOU!"

— Susan

"I was first attracted to New England Cryogenic Center because of its proximity to so many fine colleges and universities. I have a son who is at Harvard and I am well aware of the difficult admissions process that he and his classmates survived in order to attend Harvard. It occurred to me that using a donor from a fine school would constitute an initial screening process that added to my comfort level with the process. I found the service most excellent. I established a personal rapport quickly, and felt that you carefully weighed our considerations and final choice. We are expecting a child in April so there is excitement, mystery, and some apprehension involved. My husband and I took a leap of faith to begin this journey almost three years ago and believe that our trust in New England Cryogenic Center is well placed. I have not hesitated already to recommend New England Cryogenic Center to any personal friends…Thank you for your personal touch. I will certainly send photos of the baby in the spring."

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