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About Us

About NECC

New England Cryogenic Center (NECC) was founded in 1971 and is considered one of the pioneers in processing and cryopreservation of human cells and tissue. Our goal is to become the premiere worldwide leader in cryopreservation of human cells, tissue, and cellular therapies. In addition, we aim to educate the public and medical communities on the availability of cryogenic storage of cells and tissue, along with their current and potential benefits for future use in treating disease and injury. We are expanding our research and development department to generate pioneering research advancements in the fields of cellular therapies, cryopreservation, and continuing educational growth.

Mission Statement

At New England Cryogenic Center, we have an uncommon dedication to our clients. Helping people achieve their dreams of having a family is the most rewarding part of our job. Our management team is distinguished not only by their scientific and business credentials, but by their passion for the mission of our company.

New England Cryogenic Center is the number one family owned cryogenic center and a prominent choice for those who are seeking to start or grow a family using a donor. We provide guidance for the process with world-class care and personal attention.

New England Cryogenic Center is dedicated to providing excellent, trouble-free opportunities for clients to preserve their own fertility for the future. Delivering compassionate service to meet these reproductive needs is the basis for our high standards.

Beyond our commitment to individuals and families, we support the medical and research community. Our goal is to assist the medical community in treatment of the general public. We also to support research and development to help pioneer advancements in the field of science.




Since 1971, New England Cryogenic Center has served as a knowledgeable resource and trusted partner to the medical community and thousands of people on their fertility journeys.
With a highly trained staff, advanced technology and a remarkable commitment to customer service, New England Cryogenic Center offers a full range of fertility and cryopreservation services.


In 1997, in order to offer families a greater chance to fight disease, NECC founded a second company, New England Cord Blood Bank, where families can store the stem cells found in umbilical cord blood and tissue for future use in treating diseases.


Continuing the commitment to ongoing stem cell research, NECC launched National Dental Pulp Laboratory.  NDPL plans to expand the research and development department to generate pioneering research advancements in the field of therapies involving Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).


NECC launches new website.

Our experience with New England Cryogenic Center was extremely positive and effortless, thanks to the friendly and genuinely caring staff.

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